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Our second development goal is to create programs on health and safety that provide effective preventive services, including services related to behavioral risk-factor modification. SAT-7 ACADEMY will be a link between the rural residents and vital health information, as well as the wider public.


Your Doctor (SAT-7 ARABIC)

Your Doctor
Your Doctor

Displaced from their homes and often unable to access healthcare, refugees are especially vulnerable to an array of physical and mental health problems. Your Doctor helps them find healing through a series of short medical information segments. The program is presented by Dr. Hany Keylada, an expert on refugee issues who has served on the medical front line in war-torn Syria and Iraq.

In each bite-size episode of Your Doctor, Dr. Keylada teaches viewers the basics of how to identify and treat certain conditions. He presents information on first aid and dealing with emergency healthcare needs, as well as educating refugees on disease prevention and protection. The segments are also covering mental health issues and a range of medical topics that impact people’s everyday lives, such as blood pressure and cholesterol, the respiratory system and the digestive system.


Plastic plate is a movie including 10 spots (3 to 5 minutes) on HIV.

FGM campaign

The campaign raising awareness of female genital mutilation includes 11 short movies and spots on female circumcision.

Health and medical challenges in Egypt (أقسمت بالله)

These 20-minute episodes cover healthcare challenges in Upper Egypt.

The Doctor Is In (SAT-7 TURK)

fotograf6The Doctor Is In is a health program with Dr. Sahin Unal, running since 2016, who encourages Turkish speakers to live healthy life and having healthy habits.

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