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Our first development goal is to educate a television audience of children, parents, and teachers. Embedded in children’s educational programming will be the five areas of developmental growth: cognitive, language, physical, social and emotional skills. Programing for older age groups must be in the form of life-skills.

My School (مدرستي)

16254989287_3475e12c62_kAn “on-air-school” since 2015 which provides complementary education to children who are beyond the reach and capacity of overburdened states and aid agencies with the goal of both preparing young viewers for integration into physical schools in future, either in their host or home country, and assisting students attending formal education. The target audience of Madrasati (My School) is primarily refugee, internally displaced and Arab speaking children aged between 4-8 years old, and their families, using the curriculum of Kindergarten 3, Grade 1 and Grade 2.

Story Telling Club: Funded by the Dutch embassy in Cairo, this project is planned to start September 2017, and will take place in Luxor, Aswan and Cairo, Egypt. It will tackle culture and arts as tools to educate and develop kids.

Fun Farm

Fun Farm introduces kids to daily work on the farm, morning and evening routines. It encourages children to do sports activities. The farmer will help kids learn a

Children's program Fun Farm
Children’s program Fun Farm

bout animals and plants, while a specialized presenter will teach kids about healthy nutrition and cooking. The “Go green” segment opens their minds to environmental issues. Numbers and letters are introduced to children through reports. A handcraft segment teaches creative art work, as kids email their work and come to the studio to talk about their talents.


On Education ( التعليم)

This 15-minute documentary details educational challenges in Egypt.

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