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SAT-7 ACADEMY is now airing live via web streaming!

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The urgent and desperate needs of refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the region, particularly Syria, has inspired the foundation of SAT-7 ACADEMY. This educational channel launched in September 2017, aiming to decrease the education gap in the Middle East by proposing to simultaneously and holistically address the physical, emotional, relational, and intellectual aspects of MENA children, parents and teachers’ lives by promoting among others the concepts of tolerance, social cohesion, creativity, lifelong learning, dignity, freedom of expression and speech.

29185005093_03f313bdac_kThere are over 13 million children out of school across the region. Violence and instability jeopardize their futures and leave them vulnerable to the perils of poverty, child marriage, and radicalization, among others. These children, as well as their parents and teachers, can especially benefit from the empowerment of an education.

SAT-7 aims to create confident and independent thinkers that will critically assess what is given to them and make informed decisions. Without these values being instilled through education there will continue to be little space in MENA societies for religious, ethnic, or other marginalized minorities, thus perpetuating a social situation fraught with potential for conflict.

The way in which the Educational Channel envisions “inspiring learning across the Arabic speaking world to transform communities” is through Satellite Television and Internet (including Social and Streaming Media) as media for development to address development issues specific to the MENA region in order to empower individuals to make better choices and adopt new behaviors.

The chief development goals for this project are providing education, health and well-being, and human rights to Arabic speakers across the region.

Over 1.3 million people are already watching the My School program on SAT-7 KIDS channel, which will begin airing on the SAT-7 ACADEMY channel in 2017. [Survey research by IPSOS]


“We don’t have teachers in this camp. Will you teach me how to teach my children? I want them to learn more than I know.”

— Syrian refugee mother in Jordan

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