A holistic approach to development.


Education for Life

Our first development goal is to educate a television audience of children, parents, and teachers. Embedded in children’s educational programming will be the five areas of developmental growth: cognitive, language, physical, social and emotional skills. Programing for older age groups must be in the form of life-skills.


Health and Well-being

Our second development goal is to create programs on health and safety that provide effective preventive services, including services related to behavioral risk-factor modification. SAT-7 ACADEMY will be a link between the rural residents and vital health information, as well as the wider public.


Human Rights

The third development focus of SAT-7 Education & Development is Human Rights. The Educational Channel will include programs teaching its target audience to become aware of their rights as well as challenge social norms or old gender values and rules of society that are biased in respect of human rights as well as respect of women and girls.